Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

Asan once stated that, “Those who think they can do something, can achieve anything.”

Asan Nanum Foundation seeks to attain sustainable social development by cultivating people and institutions that may lead change to create a better world. They will be able to embrace neighbors needing assistance while creating a new future to facilitate the realization of the infinite potentials possessed by the next generation.

A world where if you believe it, you can achieve it.
Empowering entrepreneurs and social innovators to change the world by taking on challenges, learning by doing, and sharing their capabilities.
Core Values
  • Innovation

    A power of inducing change towards a better world

  • Growth

    Display of potential through learning and practice

  • Sharing

    Exhibition of mature self-consciousness as a responsible person living together
    with others

  • Capacity Building

    Promote sustainable capacity development

  • Social Impact

    Focus on initiatives that effect broad social change

  • Self-Reliance

    Empower individuals, families, and communities to become independent

  • Responsibility

    Making bold yet socially responsible investments in innovative ideas

  • Performance

    Emphasizing quality rather than quantity of programs

  • Transparency

    Open and accountable management of programs and activities