Expansion of entrepreneurship and support for young Entrepreneurs

Expansion of entrepreneurship and support for young Entrepreneurs

First Goal: Expansion of entrepreneurship and support for young Entrepreneurs.

The foundation aims to discover and support entrepreneurs who have unrelenting passion and ambition and to train these people to lead future generations. The entrepreneurial mentality is not required only for businesspeople. Responding quickly to the external environment, trying out new things with innovative thinking and action, and creating unconventional sources of value by seizing opportunities that others have not yet recognized are aspects of a mindset and attitude that we must continually cultivate.

Entrepreneurs can change the world. They lead from the front, solving society’s problems with their innovation, creating employment for hundreds and thousands of people, and fostering economic development. The stories of entrepreneurs who have changed hardship into opportunity are sources of inspiration, encouraging young leaders to accept challenges and to seek out change.

Challenges remain. Obstacles still hinder the rising generation from becoming true entrepreneurs.

  • Society’s intolerance of failure
  • Lack of mentors
  • Lack of professional management skills
  • Limited access to smart capital
  • Problems of trust
  • Absence of role models

The Asan Nanum Foundation provides opportunities for future entrepreneurs to realize their potential. Partnering with senior entrepreneurs who are willing to share their experiences and knowledge with the future generation, we create an environment of mutual learning and a cooperative culture of helping each other in the startup community. We support early-stage startup investors and sponsor grass-root startup communities. We bring in mentors with deep experience and promote role-models to inspire the youth and bring their diversity to the startup community.

  • Education
    Asan Entrepreneurship
    Review, etc
  • Mentoring
    GChung Ju-yung Startup
    Competition, etc
  • Access to
    Smart Capital
    Chung Ju-yung
    Angel Investment Fund,
  • Networks
    MARU180, etc