Asan Academy

Asan Academy

A PPE (Philosophy, Politics, and Economics) education and international internship program to foster socially-minded leaders, Asan Academy

“With a pedagogy based on a combination of the teachings of the Joseon Dynasty Seowon (Academy) and the curriculum of Oxford University, we equip global leaders with a deep knowledge of the liberal arts.”

Modern Korea does not have an effective learning venue where young people can cultivate a knowledge of the liberal arts through courses on human values in the areas of history, philosophy, culture, and art. Universities are divided by majors and courses are tailored to practical knowledge rather than to a deep understanding of the humanities and society. Also, the breakdown of traditional families and communities has made it harder for youth to learn cooperation, empathy, and leadership through collective living.
The Asan Nanum Foundation and the Asan Institute for Policy Studies jointly established the Asan Academy, an educational course designed to equip socially-minded young leaders with a deep understanding of the humanities and society. The Asan Academy provides an intensive 44-week course in PPE (Politics, Philosophy, Economics), East and West, and the traditional and the modern. All classes are small, with approximately 10-15 people, which propels lively discussion among colleagues and advances student knowledge toward true understanding.

During the courses, students live in a free dormitory, experiencing communal living by taking up voluntary positions and assuming responsibility in groups of their peers.

After their intensive coursework, students move on to three-month internships at renowned think tanks in Washington, D.C. or Beijing.

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