Asan Entrepreneurship Review

Asan Entrepreneurship Review

Korean Entrepreneurship Case Study Program, Asan Entrepreneurship Review

“We develop extensive educational tools to allow Korean venture companies to pass down their knowledge to Korean youth and develop indigenous Korean-style entrepreneurship.”

Korean youth live in a society that urges them to pursue rapid success, one that is intolerant of failure; the society lacks a sense of entrepreneurship, and many young leaders find it difficult to move forward. Even at universities, there are limited opportunities to learn the stories of senior entrepreneurs and venture companies, to hear about journeys of opportunity exploration and risk management though case study and class discussion.
The Asan Entrepreneurship Review (AER) publishes case-study material for university students written by a team of professors of business management at prestigious Korean universities. The AER intends to provide dynamic educational materials with abundant content that is relevant for venture companies and entrepreneurs in Korea. The AER provides students with opportunities to put themselves in the positions of the Venture companies, and to develop problem identification and problem solving skills using various tools introduced and developed in the field of Business Administration.

The AER will lay a foundation from which students can develop the inherently positive values of entrepreneurship, and from which Korean-style entrepreneurship can spread. In August 2015, case studies dealing with five Korean venture companies including Kakao, Lock and Lock, and Thinkware were published; the foundation will continue to develop case studies on Korean Venture companies.

The case study materials are distributed free of charge for use by university professors and students who are interested in entrepreneurship education. The case study program includes a course guide for professors and can be downloaded from the AER webpage (

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