Asan Frontier Academy

Asan Frontier Academy

Management, Leadership, and Innovation Program for Next Generation NPO Leaders, Asan Frontier Academy

“Asan Frontier Academy provides integrated education for next generation leaders in non-profit organizations.”

To ensure that our society develops in a healthy and balanced manner, the role of the non-profit sector is paramount. Also, to deliver social goods in an efficient and sustainable way, capability building of next-generation leaders in non-profit organizations is extremely important. However, there are only limited training opportunities for such non-profit workers to learn managerial and leadership skills.
The Asan Frontier Academy is a seven-month capability building program for middle managers who have over seven years of experience in the non-profit sector; the program is designed to foster next generation leaders in the Korean NPO sector. Coursework consists of management education (strategy, human resources, marketing, funding, finance, and accounting) leadership instruction, and innovation workshops for NPOs. Also, participants must complete the Capstone Project, which is designed to furnish them with an A-Z experience of establishing, leading, and developing a new organization with team mates. At the end of the project, each team will embark on an international study trip to learn insight from organizations related to their subject areas.

The Asan Frontier Academy engages in research to further develop an education curriculum that can reinforce the capabilities of the non-profit sector and contribute to that sector’s evolution. Since October 2013, three cohorts, comprising 90 people from 77 different organizations, have become alumni of the Asan Frontier Academy.

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