Community-based Business Incubating Center MARU180

“As a “total solutions” business incubating center that provides the infrastructure, education, and networking required for successful startups, MARU180 aims to promote cooperation, communication, and mutual growth among members of the startup ecosystem.”

Young entrepreneurs are faced with various difficulties including procuring a workspace and developing a human network, as well as securing financial support. These difficulties in developing their businesses are exacerbated by their overall lack of information and experience.
MARU180 is an open source platform that provides total solutions for startups in such areas as investment, education, and networking. MARU180 aims to foster cooperation and close communication among community members, promoting a culture of mutual learning and development. MARU180 is a venue in which diverse groups including startups, mentors, venture capitals, and accelerators can work together and create a network. Moreover, the center operates a co-working café for single team entrepreneurs, developers, and designers, and holds education programs, concerts, and networking parties. In partnership with Google’s first Asian campus, Campus Seoul, the MARU180@Campus seeks to bring Korean startups into the global market.

MARU180 was opened in Yeoksam-dong, Seoul, in April of 2014. The name MARU means “ridge of a mountain”, with a secondary meaning of the stage or season in which a program reaches its peak. In addition, it refers to a “large floor between rooms” where family members gather in a traditional Korean house. MARU is a dynamic space in which people can come together to exchange ideas, develop their businesses, and reach toward their goal of “Asan Peak” (“a high mountain”).

MARU180 reflects the startup ecosystem, which consists of all the players in the startup community, including students, startups, mentors, and investors. MARU180 operates various programs such as the Town Hall Meeting for resident networking; the Mentoring Lab, which brings in experts in investment, data analysis, and marketing; and “Just start! Don’t be chicken!”, a startup talk show. Access to the event hall, which has a capacity of approximately 150 people, is provided free to all members in the ecosystem; every day, the hall hosts various events for startups such as education seminars, networking parties, and promotion events.

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