Partnership ON

Partnership ON

Organizational Growth Support Program for NPOs that Serve Marginalized Youth, Partnership ON

“By providing various financial and non-financial aids, the Asan Nanum Foundation accelerates the growth of NPOs that serve marginalized young people in innovative ways.”

The earnest efforts of a social entrepreneur, leading an NPO with innovative ideas and passion, are often frustrated by lack of support for new ventures. Also, most grants from the government and from foundations are short-term, provide program support rather than organizational support, and provide financial aid only.
The Partnership ON program supports the organizational growth of innovative youth-related NPOs. Adapting the Venture Philanthropy approach, the program supports NPOs in both financial and non-financial ways. Selected organizations gain long-term financial aid and have the chance to network with and learn from peer organizations. Also, to support organizational growth and multiply the Partnership’s impact, various sources of non-financial support are provided, such as workshops, study tours, mentoring, and consulting in such areas as program monitoring, strategy, marketing, and finance.

The selected non-profit organizations will participate in a multifaceted support network that will change the local community and help youth in society’s blind spots, such as out-of-school teenagers, teenage single-parents, teenage North Korean refugees, and adolescents with disabilities. In collaboration with experts in relevant areas, Partnership ON strives to ensure the success and sustainable growth of the selected non-profit organizations, ultimately contributing to happier lives for Korean youth.

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