Chung Ju-yung Startup Competition

Chung Ju-yung Startup Competition

Nation-wide Startup Competition for Future Entrepreneurs, Chung Ju-yung Startup Competition

“The Chung Ju-yung Startup Competition is aimed at providing experience to next-generation entrepreneurs to explore their ideas and challenge the status quo.”

While numerous startup competitions are held, many simply end in discovering the current best player and awarding prizes. Young people with limited resources have few opportunities to explore their ideas, meet mentors, and grow their businesses through trial and error.
In a bid to spread the spirit of entrepreneurship throughout the country and discover fledgling entrepreneurs, the Asan Nanum Foundation has held a nation-wide startup competition every year since 2012. The Chung Ju-yung Startup Competition, which emphasizes actual startup experience, provides essential services and opportunities for entrepreneurs such as 1:1 mentoring, Seed Money, opportunities to work at the MARU180 business incubating center, and diverse network events. After the competition, the Asan Nanum Foundation maintains a close relationship with the alumni startups to support their sustainable growth and success.

The Chung Ju-yung Startup Competition Local Briefing Session, joined by successful entrepreneurs and mentors, was established as a venue to share information on the latest industry trends and genuine stories of successful predecessors. The Sessions, in which about 3,800 people from 12 regions around the country have participated over the period of 2012 to 2015, have boosted the startup culture in local communities. The survival rate of alumni startups is 72%, and these survivors have become valuable members of the startup community, willing to share their knowledge and help their successors.

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