Asan Frontier Youth

Asan Frontier Youth

NPO Work Experience Program for University Students, Asan Frontier Youth

“Young adults who are interested in experiencing a wide spectrum of activities in the social sector participate in internships at NPOs while completing coursework, testing both their passion and their vision.”

Young people are increasingly considering careers in non-profit organizations, and as such many wish to acquire work experience at NPOs. However, there are only limited opportunities to truly experience life as social entrepreneurs and to learn about organizations that match with their interests.
The Asan Frontier Youth program provides education and work experience for university students seeking career opportunities in the social sector. Participants serve internships at NPOs during the week while participating in team projects, workshops, and various field trips to garner a wider understanding of the philanthropic sector. To obtain advice relevant to both their careers and their long-term vision, all participants in the project will be matched with a mentor with long experience in the non-profit sector.

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