A world where if you believe it,
you can achieve it

The Asan Nanum Foundation is a nonprofit foundation
established in October 2011 to commemorate the 10th anniversary
of the death of Hyundai founder Chung Ju-yung.

Since its inception, the Asan Nanum Foundation is carrying out various programs throughout the society to spread the entrepreneurship that inherited Asan's creative spirit.

To foster the people and institutions that drive change into a better world, we want to create a foundation for young entrepreneurs and social innovators to challenge, grow and share under the vision of "A world where if you believe it, you can achieve it."

To that end, we are promoting diverse programs spreading entrepreneurship, supporting young entrepreneurship, enhancing non-profit competency, and building innovation ecosystem.

Vision & Mission

Asan once said, "Who thinks he can do anything will be able to achieve everything."
The Asan Nanum Foundation aims to foster people and institutions that lead the transformation
into a better world to achieve social development.
We believe they will create a new future and help neighbors in need so that
the infinite possibilities of the next generation can be realized.


    A world where if you believe it
    you can achieve it.


    Empowering entrepreneurs and social innovators
    to change the world by taking on challenges,
    learning by doing, and sharing their capabilities.


We provide various educational courses and contents to foster entrepreneurship in future generations.

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    Asan Youth-Preneur


    Asan Youth-Preneur is a one semester program that provides an experience for teenagers to discover problems and find solutions in the world.

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    Asan Teacher-Preneur


    Asan Teacher-Preneur is a training program for middle and high school teachers. Teachers will be able to design curriculums that can help foster student entrepreneurship while cultivating their own entrepreneurial mindset.

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    Entrepreneurship Let’s Go


    Entrepreneurship Let's Go is a special lecture program to expand the base of the entrepreneurship education ecosystem. Parents, teachers and education officials experience and understand a variety of education methodologies.


We support young entrepreneurs who dream of starting their own businesses for unlimited possibilities.

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    Chung Ju-yung Startup Competition


    The Chung Ju-yung Startup Competition is the nationwide startup competition that helps future entrepreneurs to kick-start their business. We aim to promote entrepreneurship and startup culture throughout the country, and to discover next generation leaders.

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    MARU is a startup-supporting institution, operated by the Asan Nanum Foundation. By connecting different players in the ecosystem, MARU provides the full spectrum of essential supports the growing startups need.

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    Asan non-profit startup accelerating program

    Asan Non-profit startup accelerating program supports early stage non-profit startups preparing for fast growth of their business and organization.


We support social innovators in the nonprofit sector to create a better future in a sustainable way.

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    ASAN SANGHOE is an open entrepreneurship initiative to help young people who were alienated from starting their own business. The goal is to provide opportunities for everyone to kick-start their own business regardless of their social, cultural, financial backgrounds.

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    Asan Frontier Academy

    The Asan Frontier Academy is a specialized training program for mid-level nonprofit managers to develop leadership, strategic management skills, and entrepreneurial mindset.

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    Asan Frontier Network


    Asan Frontier Network(N_Square) is a voluntary network of social innovators from the Asan Frontier Academy alumni who constantly challenges various projects to create social impact.


It contributes to creating and revitalizing the innovation ecosystem through research, advocacy, and support activities for the development of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, and social innovation ecosystem as a whole.

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    Asan Entrepreneurship Review


    The Asan Entrepreneurship Review (AER) is a business case study of startups for students and future entrepreneurs. The readers understand the growth process of startups and its founders, while discussing and analyzing the key decision-making issues and process of startups.

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    Startup ecosystem activation research

    The Asan Nanum Foundation publishes annual analysis report on Korea startup ecosystem issues to help design startup policies and foster wholesome startup environment.

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    Startup Ecosystem Partnership

    The Asan Nanum Foundation sponsors various partners who help the members of the startup ecosystem to work, learn, and share in a better environment.

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    Chung Ju-yung Angel Investment Fund

    The Chung Ju-yung Angel Investment Fund is a 100 billion won fund created in February 2012 to foster startup investment ecosystem.

Board of Directors

  • Suk-Whan Chang, Chairman

    CEO, Hanaset Corporation

  • Do-hyun Kim, Director

    Professor, Kookmin University

  • Sang-beom Kim, Director

    CEO of SK encar.com

  • Sang-hun Kim, Director

    Naver Management Advisor

  • Ji-hoon Kim, Director

    CEO & President, Stone Bridge Capital

  • Jong-lin Mo, Director

    Professor, Yonsei University Graduate School of International Studies

  • Geun-chan Ryu, Director

    Senior Managing Director, Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering Co.

  • Sung-ki An, Director

    Film Actor

  • Yoon-mi Eom, Director

    Program Director, See-art Foundation

  • Seok-yeon Lee, Director

    Representative, Seoul Legal Counsel

  • Nami Chung, Executive Director

    The Asan Nanum Foundation

  • Se-heon Oh, Auditor

    Head of Compliance & Vice President, Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering Co.

  • Jin-hak Lee, Auditor

    Outside Director and Chairman of Audit Committee