2024 The Asan Nanum Foundation Pamphlet | 아산나눔재단

2024 The Asan Nanum Foundation Pamphlet test

The Asan Nanum Foundation is a nonprofit
foundation established in October 2011 to
commemorate the 10th anniversary of Hyundai
founder Chung Ju-yung’s death.
The Asan Nanum Foundation conducts various
support programs to spread entrepreneurship,
which inherits Asan’s creative spirit, throughout
A world where if you believe it, you can achieve it.
Providing various spatial infrastructures for
budding entrepreneurs, early-stage
startups, accelerators, and global investors,
to practice and spread entrepreneurship.
Offering services to accelerate growth
such as mentoring, investment, PR, and
Forging a community where members of
the startup ecosystem grow together
through interaction and communication
based on a pay-it-forward culture.
Empowering entrepreneurs and social innovators to
change the world by taking on challenges, learning by
doing, and sharing their capabilities.
“Anyone who believes they can do
anything will be able to accomplish
Asan Chung Ju-yung, Hyundai founder
MARU Growth Zone MARU Seed Zone
Global Investors’ Zone Event Hall/Seminar Room
MARU is the Asan Nanum Foundation’s incubation
center for doers who turn their potential into
impact and expand their entrepreneurial spirit. It
fosters new changes in the innovation ecosystem
by providing various opportunities.
MARU180 opened in April 2014 for startups that
aim to transform the world 180 degrees.
MARU360, launched in November 2021, offers an
opportunity for startups to expand their potential
and make a 360-degree impact.
MARU Tour MARU Collect
MARU Connect
MARU IR Matching
Promotion Support
MARU Fireside Chat
MARU Benefit MARU Reboot
MARU Townhall MARU Gathering
MARU Meetup MARU Club MARU Workshop
Cafe Studio Kids Zone

Innovation Ecosystem
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We provide various educational programs and
contents to foster entrepreneurship in future
We contribute to the creation and vitality of an
innovation ecosystem through research, advocacy,
grant-making, and investment
Social Innovation
Based on the spirit of entrepreneurship-for-all,
we nurture entrepreneurs and social innovators
who will lead social change
Support for
We help aspiring entrepreneurs start a business,
and grow rapidly through the community
Asan Entrepreneurship Review
Case studies for university students to learn about startups’
challenges and decision-making process, with gaining
business insight
A program targeting university students and job seekers to
provide information on career development in startups
A program that collaborates with universities to raise
awareness of climate tech entrepreneurship and foster
young entrepreneurs in the climate tech industry.
A short-term intensive training program providing college
students with entrepreneurship theory and practical
experiences to become young entrepreneurs and social
Asan Voyager
A program designed to assist Korea’s startups entering the
U.S. market by providing acceleration, coaching, community
learning, and long-term residency support
Startup Ecosystem Activation Research
A research on policy and regulatory improvements to
activate the startup ecosystem and foster a healthy startup
environment in Korea
Innovation Ecosystem Partnerships
Providing grants to various programs and communities in
the startup and social innovation fields to enhance
self-sustainability and build up the whole innovation
Chung Ju-yung Angel Investment Fund
Investing in the venture capital fund and the accelerators as
a catalyst capital to enhance the diversity of Korea’s
early-stage investment ecosystem
Asan Sanghoe
A startup support program for North Korean defector
entrepreneurs will lead businesses in a unified Korea in the
Asan UniverCT
Asan Doers
Asan Frontier Academy
A specialized training program nurturing the next generation
of social innovation leaders equipped with entrepreneurship,
leadership, and management skills
Asan Leadership Coaching
A coaching program for entrepreneurs aimed at enhancing
leadership and resilience
Asan Youth-Preneur
Semester-long entrepreneurship education programs for
elementary to high school students to cultivate
entrepreneurial mindset through problem solving projects
Asan Teacher-Preneur
Entrepreneurship expert training program for middle and
high school teachers
Entrepreneurship Let’s Go
Special entrepreneurship lectures for teachers, education
officials, and parents
Chung Ju-yung Startup Competition
An all-inclusive acceleration program spanning eight months
including education, networking, mentoring, prize funding,
and a demo day
Asan Nonprofit Startup
An acceleration program for innovative nonprofits to amplify
their social impact through entrepreneurship and startup
growth strategies
Startup Career-up